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Weight loss Package - Basic

Weight loss Package - Basic

Lose weight without the fear of side effects

Long-term illness can occur if you do extra exercise or take medicine to lose weight fast. If you stop eating and drinking suddenly, it may reduce muscles instead of fat. In addition, the lack of certain nutrients in the diet plan can cause acne, dull skin, breakouts, etc. So take the 'Weight Loss Package' to lose weight quickly without harmful side effects.

Package includes:

  1. Lipid profile:
    Lipid profile tests help you determine the current levels of your sound, bad, and total cholesterol.
  2. Hemoglobin-A1c:
    Hemoglobin A1c helps understand and eliminate the potential risk factors such as being overweight or obese, underweight, high blood pressure, heart disease, physical inactivity, etc.
  3. Consultation:
    Consultation helps our consultant examine your current health and lifestyle and note your medical history to understand the requirements of your body. Based on the assessment, s/he will be planning your diet regime and provide you with a diet chart. After additional consultations, the doctor will guide you along the way.

Registration: Free registration for new patients.

FAQ for Weight Loss

  • How do I benefit from Weight loss?
      • Through a specific diet plan according to your body type, age, weight, and health condition, you can lead a guided, healthy, and prolonged life with the best lifestyle habits at an affordable cost. 
    1. What sort of patients is this service ideally suited for?
        • It depends on what kind of benefit you are looking for. The package is ideally suited for weight loss.
      1. How do I know if I need the whole weight loss package?
          • Through your blood test, you would be able to understand if the results are within range or not. That will specify if you need the consultation. Even if the results are in the normal range, you can still consult a dietitian for healthy eating advice according to your weight and age.
        1. How long would the session ideally take? Is there more than one session?
            • The first session usually takes about 40 minutes or even an hour. Yes, there can be more than one session. For example, it takes about four weeks to see weight loss results. Healthy weight loss diet plans usually would aim for weight loss of 1kg- 1.5kg per week.
          1. Do I need to come to Praava more than once?
              • No. You can have the consultation virtually and get your test samples (if required) collected from your home.
            1. How often can I take follow-up consultations or the whole package again?
                • It depends on your condition - for weight loss, you can take the package every 4-6 weeks or more, depending on body type, and for other medical conditions, every 3-6 months.
              1. Is there any possibility that after examining a patient, you may suggest any treatment which is not in this package?
              2.     Yes, if you complain about other symptoms, it indicates that tests may be needed to analyze your health further.
                • Can the session in the package be availed on the same day of purchase, or do I have to book in advance?
                    • We recommend you book the packages or appointments 1 to 2 days in advance.
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